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Pioneers Athletics

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Pioneers Athletics

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Athletics FAQs

Athletics FAQs

When does each sport begin?

Fall Sports– Mid-August- Practice and Game times vary by sport
Winter Sports– Mid-November- Practice and Game times vary by sport
Spring Sports– Mid-March- Practice and Game times vary by sport

Each team will determine practice times based upon coaches’ availability and facility availability. Please call or email the coach for more information regarding start dates, practice and game times, etc. See the Head Coach Directory for contact information. 

What if my family is on vacation when a sport starts?
A note to the coach ahead of time will help create a line of communication. Make sure you know in advance what the impact will be for not being present at pre-season practices. Make sure you get the coaches’ response in writing so that everyone understands the situation.

What type of commitment is necessary when playing for a high school team?
Student-athletes need to be aware that athletics require a commitment to the team. Coaches may allow a student-athlete to participate in another extracurricular activity, but the student-athlete must first consider what the impact will be upon the team. Participation in another activity can result in lost playing time or removal from the team.

Can a student-athlete participate in two sports during the same season?
Yes. The following requirements must be met:
1. The coach in each sport must give permission.
2. The athlete will designate a primary and a secondary sport.
3. The athlete’s parents must indicate their approval of participation in two sports and accept the established guidelines.
The following guidelines will be used to resolve time conflicts between both sports:
A. The athlete will attend practices for the secondary sport only when they do not conflict with the primary sport.
B. A primary sport contest takes precedence over a secondary sport contest.
C. A secondary sport contest takes precedence over a primary sport practice.

What will happen if my student-athlete observes a religious holiday and misses practices or games?
The Ann Arbor Public Schools has prioritized religious holidays as part of the school schedule. However, there may be occasional exceptions (also established by policy) when games or practices can be held on those priority dates. Regardless, students are not in jeopardy of losing their team membership by attending religious functions on dates prioritized as part of this Ann Arbor Public School policy.

On which days of the week are games and practices held?
The game days and practices will vary depending upon the sport. Most, but not all sports practice and play games Monday through Saturday, with Sundays off. Practice and game times based on coaches’ availability and facility availability. 

How will my student-athlete’s participation in music courses (academic) affect participation in athletics?
1. Curricular music events take priority over athletic events. 2. Scheduled music practices take priority over athletic team practice. (With permission of both parties, practice times may be shared.) 3. An athletic game takes priority over a music practice unless the student has a major or solo role in the upcoming music event. 4. If an event must be rescheduled to the same date and time as a previously scheduled event, the event originally scheduled takes precedence. Exceptions to this policy are single practices for curricular music events and times when students have major or solo roles in music events 5. Unscheduled or irregularly scheduled practices have a lower priority than previously scheduled commitments. However, coaches and directors may require a written excuse from a coach/director, or a parent (for a personal commitment).

If my son/daughter has played on a team previously, is he/she automatically on the team next year?
No. Each year students must make the team based on the new group of student athletes who are trying out.

If a parent works with the booster club will that help my child’s chances of making the team?
No. Students are picked for the team based on athletic ability not a parent’s willingness to work or fundraise.

Are seniors guaranteed positions on teams?
No. Each year students must make the team based on the new group of student athletes who are trying out. Freshman may play ahead of a senior; this is based on coaching decisions not year in school.

Is my son/daughter guaranteed playing time if he/she makes the team?
No. Coaches determine who and in what situation an athlete plays.

What happens if my son/daughter violates the athletes code of conduct for the team?
The coaching staff will determine the punishment.

What happens if my son/daughter becomes ineligible?
In some instances, such as failing to pass at least four classes, the student is ineligible per MHSAA rules for 60 scheduled school days. If the student drops below a 2.0 GPA, the student is placed on academic probation for 3 weeks.  If the GPA is below 1.35, the student is ineligible on a week-to-week basis for only 3 weeks and then is dropped from the team. A student becomes inactive from Monday through Sunday. Once the GPA and passing five classes improves, the student will be activated the following Monday. Incompletes are counted as failures (E). If an incomplete is changed to a regular grade a student can be made eligible before the Monday upon review by the eligibility coordinator.

Should my student-athlete take a 7th hour class?
It is a family decision as to what hours of the day students take classes. In the fall and spring, student-athletes may have to miss a portion of or all of 7th hour classes to ride a bus to a game. Student-athletes are responsible for all work and homework in their classes if they miss or are excused early for athletics. For some student-athletes it is difficult to stay on top of a class that is missed, so a family should consider the impact when signing up a 7th hour class.

What teams have freshman programs and what teams do not cut?
Freshman teams are available for football, boy’s basketball, volleyball, boy’s soccer, baseball and boy’s lacrosse. Teams that do not cut currently include: boy’s and girl’s swim & dive, boy’s and girl’s lacrosse, girl’s and boy’s track, girl’s and boy’s cross country, girl’s and boy’s water polo, equestrian, and wrestling. Coaches reserve the right to move from a non-cut program to a cut program depending on the numbers.

What does my student-athlete do if he/she does not have a 7th hour class before practice starts?
The cafeteria is open and supervised by teachers and free tutoring is provided.  No game equipment should be brought into the cafeteria. Students should bring homework.

Do parents excuse student-athletes from class to participate in an athletic activity?
No. The coach is responsible to get that information to the athletic department staff who will excuse the students. Away events are excused 15 minutes before the approved departure time.